Fat Loss for Beginners – Tips for Getting Started (Part 2)

In this article, Tom Venuto gives us the second part of his awesome set of fat loss tips. Click Here if you missed part 1 or if wyou would like to re-read the great tips.


Do you know what is the biggest mistake made by beginners?

They quit!

Remember in the January issue, where I mentioned how attendance in our gym shoots up for about 6-8 weeks around New Year’s? Well, it’s back to normal now because all the quitters dropped out already.

What’s especially sad is that most people quit right when they’re on the verge of making substantial progress.

Remember: You’re never a failure as long as you’re working on the progressive realization of a worthy goal. But the second you quit, then it’s official – you’re a failure.

Quitting should not even be an option because…

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