If the flesh is willing, but the spirit is weak

“It is the spirit that quickeneth. The flesh profiteth nothing.” -The Christ

By divine law, life is under the guidance of the spirit. It is only when we fail to seek and to follow this guidance, that legitimate longings go unfulfilled and violated universal laws bring their penalties.

It’s important for us to remember that violated law carries penalties. Now, Universal Intelligence (whether you call that God, Source Energy, The Divine, etc.) doesn’t punish people. It works through a channel of laws. If you jump off of a building– it doesn’t matter if you’re a good person or a bad person– you’re going to succumb to the law of gravity.

Likewise, when you continually abuse your body temple– you’re going to experience the consequences (fatigue, sickness, disease, etc.).

That being said…

We are three-part beings: body, soul and spirit. Each part has its own functions (and laws for optimal well-being). Integrating these three aspects of ourselves ensures that we are living our best lives (inside and out). Anything less is always unbalanced and we may say, continually out of whack.

It’s essential to have a correct understanding of each part of human “being”, so that we can adequately use the powers and forces of the inner life (soul and spirit) to have good health and life now.

Body: It is the physical body that connects us to the physical universe around us. The body includes our physical senses of taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. Every particle of the body has come from the earth through the food we eat in combination with the air we breathe and the water we drink. And in time, every part of it will go back to the earth. The body is the house we inhabit while here on Earth.

Soul: The soul consists of the mind, will and emotions. The soul is individual personal existence and experience. The soul while in this form of existence manifests, functions through the channel of a material body. The soul is the communication channel between the spirit and body. This post will focus on the mind part of the soul.

Spirit: The spirit is the immaterial part of ourselves that is connected with infinite wisdom (Divine nature, God, Source, Universal Intelligence etc.). The spirit is the life force (the animating power and energy) of the soul…and ultimately the body.

To remain young in mind, spirit and in feeling– is to remain young in body.

To think health and strength, to see ourselves continually growing in these conditions, is to set into motion the natural force of self-healing for the physical manifestations of these conditions in the body. If one’s bodily condition, through negative, false mental and emotional habits, has become overweight and diseased– this same attitude of mind, of spirit, of imagery, is to set into operation a subtle and powerful corrective energy that, if persisted in, will inevitably tend to bring normal, healthy conditions to the front again.

True, if these abnormal, diseased conditions have been created by or have been induced by wrong physical habits, by the violation of physical laws (i.e. overeating, not drinking enough water, lack of physical activity– violations that must cease). But combine the two, and then give the body the care that it requires in a moderate amount of simple, wholesome food, regular cleansing to assist it in the elimination of impurities and of used cell structure that is being regularly cast off, an abundance of pure air and of moderate exercise– and a change amounting almost to a miracle can be experienced.

If you think your Spirit is weak (it’s only an illusion). It’s not the Spirit that is weak. It’s your soul (mind, will and emotions) that needs transformed. Start with your mind. Your mind can become “a silent, transforming energy” of great potency and power, when you stop allowing negative chatter and self-talk take control. Many are using their mind to heal themselves of various diseases, many are exchanging weakness and impotence for strength and power, many are politely refusing to grow fat and old.

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