How to use your imagination to lose weight, increase your income and find love!

Exercise your imagination– before exercising your body. Your imagination has a shaping and creative spirit. Every invention, discovery and piece of art began in someone’s imagination. There is great power in visualizing/imagining your desires already fulfilled. So, how can you tap the power of your imagination to achieve your every desire (including weight loss, love and money)?

Every night, before going to sleep, imagine yourself experiencing the health, wealth and love you want. Create a life-like representation in your imagination– (a ‘mental movie’ of sorts) of you actually being, doing and having your intention(s) manifested. Give your “imaginary vision” sensory vividness– until it takes on the feeling tones of reality. How do you feel, what do you see, what are you wearing and doing? While you are feeling these emotions of your wish fulfilled, fall asleep and the Universe will orchestrate and deliver the cooperative components to bring your desire to pass. Try it!

“The secret of it– is to center your imagination in the feeling of the wish fulfilled and remain therein. For in our capacity to live in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, lies our capacity to live the abundant life” -Neville Goddard, How to Use Your Imagination

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