How to turn self-neglect into self-respect

Your quality of life is directly correlated to the physical condition of your body. Your body is your instrument– and caring for it is your responsibility. Maybe up until now, you haven’t been so good to your body. Maybe you’re carrying some excess weight that’s causing emotional and physical distress. So, how do you turn this self-neglect into self-respect?

Taking care of yourself (losing weight) is a journey of the soul. It’s about letting go of beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving your sacred self or body brilliance.

The process of losing weight can seem like it’s going to push you to the edge. You think you’re going crash and burn or fall. But that’s the place where you can actually soar.

Think about who do you need to become to lose 20 pounds? Who do you need to become to lose 50 pounds? Ask yourself, “What needs to shift or change about my energy?” What needs to shift or change about my behavior?”

Do you need to become more gentle, forgiving, loving, brave, or disciplined?
Do you need to become less judgmental, demanding, uptight, tense or needy?

Your Sacred Self
We typically tell ourselves that we’ll feel better about ourselves once we lose the weight, but that’s not how it works. Intellectually, you already know what it takes to lose weight (eat right, move your body, get enough rest, drink water and manage stress). But, you’re not doing it because you’re trying to act from your intellect only.

You can achieve a quantum leap on your weight loss journey by connecting with G.U.S (God/Universe/Source). Losing weight is not just an intellectual process. Neither is it just a spiritual experience. It’s a deliberate co-creative experience where you embrace your power. You don’t have to feel stuck. You can choose a different path by aligning with the powerful creative energy of the Universe.

Your Body Brilliance
Your weight has become an old story that you continue to tell yourself.
The root of body brilliance is self-acceptance and self-care. When you treat your body with love and respect your weight loss results are sustainable. This is because you’re actions arise from your sacred self.

Intuitive Wisdom
Your body believes your brain and your brain believes your body. Your intuition (gut feelings) can be a powerful tool on your weight loss journey. When you’re out and about, your body will communicate to you (through intuitive insight) about whether your current course of action or thinking pattern is serving your intention to lose weight or not.

Intuition is sharpened through practicing mindfulness and mindfulness is increases through meditation. Be here in the now and connected to the present moment so that you can be open to insight and messages to be received from Source Energy.

Every time you second-guess your gut feelings, you shut down your ability to feel intuitively. You stuff down emotions, finding it hard to discern whether a decision is right or wrong and your creative and manifestation energy begins to diminish.

Start today to love your body temple. It’s your home. It’s your vehicle. Don’t continue abusing and misusing it. Love your body. Love your sacred self. Listen to your body and your sacred self. Nourish yourself fulling and completely. Get adequate rest and physical activity. Feed yourself delicious and nutritious foods. Start with our SMART Minute Meals. We offer Low Carb, Smart Body and Smart Fuel plans.

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