Diet Tips – Are You Making These Excuses About Not Losing Weight

One of the biggest areas where people have excuses that are hindering their weight loss – and are actually a main cause of gaining weight – is related to clearing your plate when you eat.
Many weight loss excuses are heartfelt, but don’t stand up to close scrutiny. The following are three of the most popular:
‘But there are starving people around the world.’
This comment makes people feel guilty or ungrateful if they waste food. All I can say is that the moment you buy, cook and serve yourself a portion that is bigger than your need (that is, bigger than your fist), you are wasting that food. Whether it ends up in the bin, the toilet or on your thighs, it’s not helping anyone in Africa, Asia or anywhere else, and it’s certainly not helping you!
‘Throwing food away is a waste – and a waste of money.’
But how much money have you spent on losing weight over the years? Was it more than the amount you waste on food per year, or less? If you don’t want to waste money on food, buy only what you need each day. Another way to look at it is that either you or the bin has to burn off the extra calories – personally I’d rather the bin had to do it than me.
‘I will cause offence if I don’t eat what I’m given.’
The next time you realise you’re satisfied and do not want any more food, just say, ‘No, thanks, I’m full up’. If someone (including you) tries to make you eat when you are full, they are inflicting pain, aren’t they? Don’t let anyone else tell you when, how or what you should eat. You are fully in charge of your own appetite and choices.
Often, when we get to the root cause of our beliefs like this, the belief itself will disappear. It’s hard to continue to behave in the same way when you realise you are reacting like a child. It suddenly feels as though a three-year-old is dictating your behaviour, so you stop and put a more rational belief in its place.

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