What Is the Banana Weight Loss Diet?

There is a new weight loss diet craze making its way around the world. The phenomenon known as the banana weight loss diet was developed by Hitoshi Watanabe who studied preventative medicine in Tokyo. This quick and fast weight loss plan has proven to be so successful that Japan is experiencing its first shortage of bananas (as opposed to diet pills). People all around the world are questioning what this particular weight loss diet entails and why are bananas considered a weight loss diet miracle. I will provide some of the answers to these two questions.
There are several steps to the banana diet. In the morning, you are supposed to consume only bananas and room temperature water. You can eat whatever you like for lunch and dinner but you have to make sure not to eat after 8 PM. Aside from the time restriction certain other rules include: no ice cream, no dairy products, no alcohol, no dessert after dinner, no diet pill supplements, and the only beverage you can have with your meals is room temperature water. You are allowed one sweet, healthy snack in the mid-afternoon. So as you can see this weight loss diet is fairly easy, almost too good to be true according to some people. The freedom of this diet makes people question “how exactly am I going to lose weight if I can eat almost anything I want?”
Well there are several theories which explain how the banana diet works. The first theory has to do with enzymes. Some people claim that bananas contain certain enzymes which speed up metabolism and improve digestive health. Another theory claims that it is the resistant starch in bananas which does the trick. This resistant starch supposedly promotes fullness and increases fat burning. However, no matter what the reason may be, people in Japan have truly taken part in this new weight loss diet miracle.

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