Start your European trip with cheap flights to Rome

We can book the hotel online right after having got a cheap flight to Rome, but you will be penalized at 10% of the payment value and it is also non-refundable if cancellation is made.

Venere B & B has system throughout Europe, just make your hotel reservations, get promotion code and you will get 4 % discount with that promotion code. The beauty in this website is not to take 10 % deposit, if your cancellation were noticed at least 03 days in advance. Thus ask Venere B & B for cheap flights to Rome (click to check source) offers.

In Paris, Marseille and Barcelona you should stay at Citadines apartment. It is really near downtown, its kitchen could be used for cooking in the room; and, it’s right next to the supermarket and very convenient for shopping. Whenever signing up room for 2 people, 4 people can also share the room, as long as you can accept lying on the floor.

In Italy, we should not stay in social media because it is too far from the center and its train station is also truly far away. Going by bus is closer, but it is difficult for any newcomers to know the bus route. That’s why it is much better to stay in the Vietnam Embassy in Rome, as long as it still has any vacancy at B & B’s system.

We should choose the hotels near metro station, not necessary right in the center, just to have a more reasonable price. Besides, traveling by metro in Europe is also very convenient.


-          Airlines: Vueling and Ryanair are two low-cost airlines in Europe that provide cheap flights to Rome. You should plan for your schedule as early as you can for the best price. However, it is usually open for booking tickets only 30-45 days in advance.

If traveling by airplane, you will have to take travel expenses to the airport, usually about 15-20 euros / person for each trip. So it might be more convenient to choose to travel by train, it would save 30 – 40 euros / person (two turns). Moreover, going by train would save a lot of time. The train station is right in the center, located near the center hotel.

-          Rail: you must go to the website of each country to be able to buy cheaper tickets. Then, you can go sightseeing on the way. Very nice view. You can choose to have a night ship which is more expensive than the day ship one, but do not need to lose money for hotel and also have a complimentary breakfast on board.

However there are also some drawbacks due to no English version provided on some pages, so you have to guess and try. When booking the tickets, you must make sure to select categories of collecting e-ticket at the station.

-          Bus: travelling by bus is a very cheap way; however, it might be more time-consuming than by train.

Visit this page you will find a lot of interesting and cheaper bus. To save hotel costs, you can choose to go at night because sleeping on a bus is also very comfortable. There are toilets on the bus, too.

-          Metro: to travel in the city. When staying at Citadines apartment (or any hotels booking through), you should remember to ask for a free city map because it takes 10 euros to buy the map in Paris. In France or Barcelona, you should buy 10 tickets at the same time for a discount rate. This will help you to save more. But in Rome, Prague or Germany is not having any discount if you buy 10 tickets like this.

Thus go for cheap flights to Rome offer that can save hundreds of dollars which you can use during your trip.